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Monday, November 28, 2011


I need to work out a better system if I'm going to do more giveaways, I think.  The last giveaway I did, no one ever claimed the prize.  It's me, not you.  Anywho,  "Unknown" who commented, "Hey, i want that, opener in my face now! i just 'joined this site'."  You Won!!  But, I don't have your deets.  You can email me at girldomestic[at]gmail[dot]com with your name and address.  Make sure you have filled out the information on the "join this site" prompt and I will send you the opener.  Also tell me if you want Mr. Elephant or Mr. Bull.  xo  Girl Domestic

Haute Dog!

Something terrible has happened!  This is might even be more tragic than the crumbling of the very solid foundation on which Kim Kardashian and whats-his-name built their wonderful marriage.  Here, in the twilight of her life, I have found the CUTEST DOG COLLAR EVER MADE by Luxe Mutt.  For nearly 15 years, I have settled on collar after collar, always in search of the one that really gave Chloe that dogrun-way chic look, and now, just in the nick, I have found it!  Dog knows how long she she will have the opportunity to prance around in it before she goes to the big bully stick in the sky (extreme sad face) but at least she will have some time on earth as the worlds most stylish dog.  The tragedy is that I have only found it now, near the end.  I have to admit, I cried a little yesterday when I pulled it out of the bag and she (without being able to see it--she is blind) knew it was a new collar and she did a downward dog and wiggled her butt and put her head down and kept still so I could put the new collar around her neck.  Then she pranced around like a puppy with her new digs.  Luxe Mutt is new so I wanted to give them a shout out.  I bought the collar in LA at Pussy and Pooch, but you can order it from Etsy as well.  It was $65, which I don't think I've ever spent on a collar, but well worth it, I think.  I mean...
They have it styled as a "bow tie".  I prefer the bow at the back...

Luxe Mutt
And one more of Chloe doing what she does best--modeling and sleeping.

Friday, November 18, 2011

100th Blog Post Giveaway!!!

With my intermittent-at-best posting schedule, somehow I have managed to post 100 blog entries in the history of Girl-Domestic.  If I was writing a book, I would have half of a novel.  If I was writing a screenplay, I'd be done! I thought some sort of gift or something should be in order for my lovely readers. So here it is:  Up for grabs is the lovely bottle opener pictured below that I found on the amazing Emily Henderson's Holiday Gift Guide.  You might even find Girl-Domestic's picks for "mom" in the guide.  I have found everything I have bought for Christmas so far on this amazing guide.  Be prepared to drool and possibly have a manic spending spree with your hands trembling as you frantically enter your credit card information.

Here's what you have to do to win the cutest bull or elephant (your choice) bottle opener on earth:  Follow my blog by clicking the "join this site" button to your right.  Then leave a note in the comment section telling me that you have "joined this site".  If you already follow me, say "I already follow you" in the comment. I will randomly pick a winner from a hat and I will post the winner on Monday.  Does that sound like a fair bribe?  Ooh!  I love doing giveaways!  I'm going to do more--it is so.  much. fun.  Oh!  And here is a picture of the bottle opener...Good Luck!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm a GIANT (electrician)

I knew it was time to spend some major time in the dollhouse cave playing catch-up when the word "doll" started making me fall to the floor in fetal position and start sucking my thumb while rocking back and forth. Yep, it's pretty stressful when you host a giant dollhouse challenge and have barely even started on your own dollhouse.  One of these days I'll learn to take a decent picture for my blog...In the mean time, here are my "inspiration-to-progress" pictures.
inspiration herringbone floor
You might remember my herringbone floor.  Well, the further down the rows I got, the more crazy and uneven the spacing became.  I spent HOURS on this.  I think it went awry because I cut the pieces with a dremel instead of a miter cutter (big mistake). I have set it aside for now because I don't want to waste any more time on it if it is going to look like poo, but I'm not quite ready to call it a loss at this point.  I tried staining it tonight to see if that helped.  It did. Barely.  One thing is for sure:  Only one floor (if any) will have the herringbone floors!
inspiration chandelier

This is my kitchen chandelier made out of miniature apothecary bottles.  I was going for the mason jar chandelier look (above) but slightly more sophisticated.  I needed something fun and modern because my house is very brass and deco and it's so easy to go "grandma" fast in a dollhouse.
inspiration Kalmar sconces

I made these sconces/pendants out of glass buttons and tiny lights.  I used hot glue to adhere them.  They look pretty good, but I will probably look into a sturdier adhesive before I mount them.

inspiration photo from Coastal Living via EAD Living

I made this bed out of lucite and kitchen string.  I'm not crazy about the white string.  I will probably change it.  I cut the lucite by scoring with a plastic knife and then breaking it along the score.  It took several tries and it's still not perfect.  I glued the headboard on with hot glue.
  This desk was made from horn toggles  from the button store (they came with the brass filled holes).  I used the miter cutter to cut the brass tubing for the desk base.  I adhered it to the legs with hot glue.  The desk top is stained balsa wood with brass square tubing super glued around the edges.  I later added brass nail heads to hide the unsightly holes on the edge of the table.
side view of desk
This was the chandelier I was making when I had to stop dollhousing.  I don't like it.  I was burned out on making tiny things and my finger would not stop bleeding from an injury I sustained while  intensely dollhousing.  It was supposed to look like a cool 60's glass Kalmar chandelier, but it looks weird.  I'll retry this one, I think.
dollhousing is dangerous business and exacto knife cuts really bleed like hell.   But at least I have an impeccable manicure, right? Opposite.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

nifty gifty?

I just bought this cuuute miniature bison ring from Cold Picnic as a gift for myself!  Okay, so it's A) miniature, B) brass, and C) a brass animal--so the only thing that could have made it more appealing to me is if it was D) a planter--refer to last post about planter obsession. Can't wait to get it's little head stuck on everything I pass (a problem I'm willing to deal with).  I ordered a custom size, too, and the owners couldn't have been nicer or quicker in their reply to my request.  I think that kind of customer service and general awesomeness should be rewarded in this day and age, don't you?  Anywho, at the price point of $80 for the ring, I thought it is a great potential addition to your gift list, no?

Oh!  and here's a handy ring guide that you can print out from home to determine ring size.  Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A date with a planter

"Oh my God!  You are obsessed with planters," said Orlando as he realized what Emily already knew--that I have an unnatural obsession with planters.  I have absolutely no more room for another planter, but give me a couple of bellinni's ("Thanks round top guy!"  in the most sarcastic voice I can muster) and I spend $500 on 2 planters that I then have to ship back to California.

Also included in my insane obsession (and by insane, I mean "hoarder") are nautical things, ship paintings, miniatures, bookends, and baking supplies.  Sometime after the 5th set of vintage bookends I purchased, I realized that I had a serious problem.  I mean, I don't even read books!  Who reads books, right?!  "Oh, I'm just going to sip some tea and spend a nice quiet moment with myself reading a book, daaaarling."  No, I just buy books to accentuate my vintage bookends.

Anyway--back to planters--maybe I'm projecting my own obsession with planters onto the world, but I think they are great gifts and bring much needed life (and oxygen) into a home.  Here are a few of my favorite internet finds.  (and, by the way, I'm joking about the books!)

Boskke Sky Planter

Hanging Bubble Terrarium


David Kressy Pot (love, love, love)

This was the $500 sunday morning bellini purchase (there are 2)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I vant to suck your...cocktail straw!

Being that extra spooky time of year, I thought now would be a good time to share with you some cocktail ideas that make you want to start planning your Halloween party right now. I am such a sucker for gimmicks and Halloween is perhaps my favorite holiday and what could be better (or scarier) than sipping on a black cocktail in celebration of nothing other than--well, nothing!  Not since Vegemite (that went over like a lead balloon in The States), has a black food or beverage looked so appealing.  I introduce to you Blavod black vodka.  The vodka's unique color is derived from Black Catechu extracts from the Burmese catechu acacia trees.  The extract colors the vodka without imparting any added flavor or texture, so you can substitute Blavod black vodka in any of your favorite vodka recipes--except, it DOES have more alcohol than normal vodka, so go easy on them--or don't.  If I used emoticons, I would put one here.  It might be a smiley face--or a winky face--meaning I'm winking at those who can't wait to crawl to the bar after 10 of these--and you know who you are! (To get the layered effect, use the liquids in order of heaviest to lightest and pour the liquid over the back of a cold spoon into the glass.)
Thanks Martha!
Blood Diamond
4 ounces prosecco
1 ounce freshly squeezed blood orange juice
1/2 ounce Campari
1/2 ounce Simple Syrup
1 ounce Blavod Black vodka, chilled
In a champagne flute, combine prosecco, orange juice, Campari, and simple syrup. Pour vodka over the back of a cocktail spoon into glass creating a layer of black. Serve immediately.

Death in the AfternoonServes 1
2 ounces black vodka
2 ounces creme de cacao or coffee-flavored liqueur
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Pinch of finely grated nutmeg, for garnish

In a glass, combine vodka and creme de cacao, and set aside. Place a scoop of ice cream in a highball glass, and slowly pour vodka mixture over ice cream. Garnish with nutmeg; serve immediately.

Scary Screwdriver
3 oz fresh squeezed orange juice, blood orange juice, or tangerine juice
1.5 oz Blavod black vodka
DirectionsPour blood orange juice over ice. Pour the vodka over the back of a cocktail spoon to layer into the glass.

Time of the month
serves 1
2 oz Blavod black vodka
3 oz fresh pressed blackberry juice
splash of Chambord (optional)

In a cocktail shaker or ice, combine blackberry juice, chambord, and black vodka.  Shake vigorously. serve in a chilled martini glass with blackberry garnish.

Black Sea
1.5 oz Blavod black Vodka
2 oz cranberry juice

In a glass pour cranberry juice over ice.  Layer the vodka over the cranberry juice using the back of a cocktail spoon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

...and Girl Domestic said, "let there be light"

How cute is this chair? (a find from The Round Top Antiques Fair)
Okay--so, I'd love to pretend that it was easy to wire my dollhouse and give you a step-by-step rundown with pics, but the whole thing was so frustrating that I couldn't handle the added stress of taking photos.  I have a little experience with wiring as you may have read in posts past and I have installed all of the lighting in my own regular-sized house without electrocuting myself (yet), so naturally, I thought it would be a breeze to wire the dollhouse.  Plus, the internet says it's easy and the internet is always right!  ALWAYS.  Here's what I learned. You have two choices when it comes to wiring:  round wiring or copper tape wiring.  From a quick search, I derived that round wiring is cheaper and more reliable--and the thought of ripping out my herringbone floors to try and find the short in the copper tape sounds like the worst picnic ever--like with poo sandwiches--so I went for the round wire system.  I bought the Cir-kit round wire system and also bought a few extra plugs for lamps.  I don't know what other kits are available but here's what I can tell you about mine:  You must possess a masters degree in electrical engineering to figure out the diagrams or the directions in the book.  I resort to the internet and there are no good sources for round wiring--only copper.  Okay, I'll try the Cir-kit website.  Oh, wonderful!  They have a video!  A video!!  Like, for a VCR. The website states that the VHS is a "best seller"--so I guess I know what kind of people dollhouse.  Yep!  The kind who still fall for Nigerian cashiers check scams.  Somebody should tell them that these DVD things are catching on and please stop selling things from The 90's Store and while they are updating, add a friggin' video to that other website that the kids are going to: "YouTube!".  At this point, I decide I'm going to "wing it".  I start with finding the center of every room and drawing a line with a carpenters square.  This took waaay longer than I thought it would.  Then I used the router bit on my Dremel to make grooves in the floor to hide the wires--which took even longer.  Then, having NO idea where a circuit wire should be and where a feeder wire should be and not knowing why I can't just use a circuit wire for the whole shebang, I start laying wire wherever I made a groove with the router.  I didn't route deep enough!  It hides the wire in places, but getting an even groove with a dremel router is a challenge, so there are times when the wire is only slightly below floor-level, making the whole "centering" and "routing" thing a complete waste of time.  Kill me.  As you can see from the photos, the plugs that I installed work, but I still have no idea how to install the chandeliers.  The diagram was entirely too confusing.  This whole process took the entire day and I anticipate another day making the grooves deeper. Great.  "I'm a Giant...Failure!"
I arbitrarily decided to run the "feeder" wire along the inside wall of the dollhouse and the "circuit" wires  along the floors and ceilings inside the rooms
grid routed into floor, walls, and ceiling 

It worked!  don't attempt wiring project without a test probe.  That much I do know.
Oh! And my herringbone floor!  This will be a time drain, for sure--but worth it...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls trip to heaven--30 miles of junk shopping!

Emily with Gene Hackemack
The Round Top Antiques Fair experience should have been more familiar to a girl from Texas, but I have to report that I felt like a tourist in a zoo where the animals were all caricatures of themselves--that is not to say that any of the people we met were animals.  On the contrary, as usual for Texans, they are the friendliest people in the whole world.  But check out the photos of The White Horse Tavern--the bar we stumbled across in Burton, Tx!  If it were a movie, the director would yell, "CUT!!  I want reality--not a cartoon of Texas!  Can we take out some of the small town charm??"  It's like the first time I went to Australia and saw a guy next to a kangaroo saying "g'day" whilst throwing a boomarang.  I mean, we met a guy with a non-ironic horseshoe moustache!  Except for the head-to-toe UT ensemble (including a dinner plate sized belt buckle), he could have RULED the Silverlake hipster scene.  Our new friend Gene (aka "the Squeezer Geezer") was kind enough to show us the town (pics above and below).  Gene wore leather lederhosen and played the accordion...he also drank beer from a giant stein--naturally--and thinks Obama is Muslim--naturallyThe Knittel Homestead Inn was the cutest B&B on earth with unbelievable home cooked meals--which I hesitate to post about, lest they be full next time we go--and there will be a next time.  We had the most fun we have had in years thanks to our new friends Connie and Julie--who stayed out way past their bedtime to enjoy the towns little treasures like The Pig and Whistle (DON'T go for the Sauvignon Blanc--DO go for the friendliest barkeep in the area).  To any of my local family that I didn't see while there--I'm sorry!  This was a "mom and best friends trip".  My mom is moving to Norway and we wanted to spend some time together.  I'll see the rest of you at Thanksgiving!

My BF Anne two stepping with Gene
This was too cute not to post  (Emily and Gene) Yes, she is on a saddle.
Connie from HGTV and her sister-in-law Julie were the highlight of our trip!  Sisterhood of the traveling Guinness hat...
Best of Round Top!  Leslie in her Again & Again booth near Zapp Hall.
I passed on this bed, but haven't stopped thinking about it.  Non-buyers remorse! 

creepy doll mold
This guy had a little too much fun in Round Top!