Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls trip to heaven--30 miles of junk shopping!

Emily with Gene Hackemack
The Round Top Antiques Fair experience should have been more familiar to a girl from Texas, but I have to report that I felt like a tourist in a zoo where the animals were all caricatures of themselves--that is not to say that any of the people we met were animals.  On the contrary, as usual for Texans, they are the friendliest people in the whole world.  But check out the photos of The White Horse Tavern--the bar we stumbled across in Burton, Tx!  If it were a movie, the director would yell, "CUT!!  I want reality--not a cartoon of Texas!  Can we take out some of the small town charm??"  It's like the first time I went to Australia and saw a guy next to a kangaroo saying "g'day" whilst throwing a boomarang.  I mean, we met a guy with a non-ironic horseshoe moustache!  Except for the head-to-toe UT ensemble (including a dinner plate sized belt buckle), he could have RULED the Silverlake hipster scene.  Our new friend Gene (aka "the Squeezer Geezer") was kind enough to show us the town (pics above and below).  Gene wore leather lederhosen and played the accordion...he also drank beer from a giant stein--naturally--and thinks Obama is Muslim--naturallyThe Knittel Homestead Inn was the cutest B&B on earth with unbelievable home cooked meals--which I hesitate to post about, lest they be full next time we go--and there will be a next time.  We had the most fun we have had in years thanks to our new friends Connie and Julie--who stayed out way past their bedtime to enjoy the towns little treasures like The Pig and Whistle (DON'T go for the Sauvignon Blanc--DO go for the friendliest barkeep in the area).  To any of my local family that I didn't see while there--I'm sorry!  This was a "mom and best friends trip".  My mom is moving to Norway and we wanted to spend some time together.  I'll see the rest of you at Thanksgiving!

My BF Anne two stepping with Gene
This was too cute not to post  (Emily and Gene) Yes, she is on a saddle.
Connie from HGTV and her sister-in-law Julie were the highlight of our trip!  Sisterhood of the traveling Guinness hat...
Best of Round Top!  Leslie in her Again & Again booth near Zapp Hall.
I passed on this bed, but haven't stopped thinking about it.  Non-buyers remorse! 

creepy doll mold
This guy had a little too much fun in Round Top!

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  1. Hi! Linked over from Miss Henderson's... Fun to see the trip from another POV :) I couldn't help but think that the fellow who had too much fun at the Round Top looks like Jon von Liederhosen out of his fancy pants, but still feeling the effects of his bottomless beer stein. haha!