Thursday, October 13, 2011

A date with a planter

"Oh my God!  You are obsessed with planters," said Orlando as he realized what Emily already knew--that I have an unnatural obsession with planters.  I have absolutely no more room for another planter, but give me a couple of bellinni's ("Thanks round top guy!"  in the most sarcastic voice I can muster) and I spend $500 on 2 planters that I then have to ship back to California.

Also included in my insane obsession (and by insane, I mean "hoarder") are nautical things, ship paintings, miniatures, bookends, and baking supplies.  Sometime after the 5th set of vintage bookends I purchased, I realized that I had a serious problem.  I mean, I don't even read books!  Who reads books, right?!  "Oh, I'm just going to sip some tea and spend a nice quiet moment with myself reading a book, daaaarling."  No, I just buy books to accentuate my vintage bookends.

Anyway--back to planters--maybe I'm projecting my own obsession with planters onto the world, but I think they are great gifts and bring much needed life (and oxygen) into a home.  Here are a few of my favorite internet finds.  (and, by the way, I'm joking about the books!)

Boskke Sky Planter

Hanging Bubble Terrarium


David Kressy Pot (love, love, love)

This was the $500 sunday morning bellini purchase (there are 2)

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  1. oh my god the mossy shower mat!! I cannot get over that. It is amazingly wonderful. I just want to step out of my shower every day onto moss. Yes, please.

    Also loving the yellow pig and the hanging glass bubbles with air plants inside. I've been wanting to do that for awhile. Check out my giant air plant in a glass vessel (and some little terrariums I put together are in the background):