Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm a GIANT (electrician)

I knew it was time to spend some major time in the dollhouse cave playing catch-up when the word "doll" started making me fall to the floor in fetal position and start sucking my thumb while rocking back and forth. Yep, it's pretty stressful when you host a giant dollhouse challenge and have barely even started on your own dollhouse.  One of these days I'll learn to take a decent picture for my blog...In the mean time, here are my "inspiration-to-progress" pictures.
inspiration herringbone floor
You might remember my herringbone floor.  Well, the further down the rows I got, the more crazy and uneven the spacing became.  I spent HOURS on this.  I think it went awry because I cut the pieces with a dremel instead of a miter cutter (big mistake). I have set it aside for now because I don't want to waste any more time on it if it is going to look like poo, but I'm not quite ready to call it a loss at this point.  I tried staining it tonight to see if that helped.  It did. Barely.  One thing is for sure:  Only one floor (if any) will have the herringbone floors!
inspiration chandelier

This is my kitchen chandelier made out of miniature apothecary bottles.  I was going for the mason jar chandelier look (above) but slightly more sophisticated.  I needed something fun and modern because my house is very brass and deco and it's so easy to go "grandma" fast in a dollhouse.
inspiration Kalmar sconces

I made these sconces/pendants out of glass buttons and tiny lights.  I used hot glue to adhere them.  They look pretty good, but I will probably look into a sturdier adhesive before I mount them.

inspiration photo from Coastal Living via EAD Living

I made this bed out of lucite and kitchen string.  I'm not crazy about the white string.  I will probably change it.  I cut the lucite by scoring with a plastic knife and then breaking it along the score.  It took several tries and it's still not perfect.  I glued the headboard on with hot glue.
  This desk was made from horn toggles  from the button store (they came with the brass filled holes).  I used the miter cutter to cut the brass tubing for the desk base.  I adhered it to the legs with hot glue.  The desk top is stained balsa wood with brass square tubing super glued around the edges.  I later added brass nail heads to hide the unsightly holes on the edge of the table.
side view of desk
This was the chandelier I was making when I had to stop dollhousing.  I don't like it.  I was burned out on making tiny things and my finger would not stop bleeding from an injury I sustained while  intensely dollhousing.  It was supposed to look like a cool 60's glass Kalmar chandelier, but it looks weird.  I'll retry this one, I think.
dollhousing is dangerous business and exacto knife cuts really bleed like hell.   But at least I have an impeccable manicure, right? Opposite.  


  1. The desk looks really good, I like the colors and the way the seats match. I think this herringbone is a pannel, which is why it looks right. I also like the chandelier.
    PS: Wear gloves when you cut it. :)
    Love your blog!

  2. A Chinoiserie challenge - I'm game!

  3. What if you glued all your strips of wood together first, then cut the mitered edges, instead of dealing with each cut individually? It seems like it would work in my head, but alas, I have never made a doll house so I am no expert.

  4. One of these days I'll learn to take electricians chapel hill nc a decent picture for my blog...In the mean time, here are my "inspiration-to-progress" pictures.

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