Friday, October 21, 2011

nifty gifty?

I just bought this cuuute miniature bison ring from Cold Picnic as a gift for myself!  Okay, so it's A) miniature, B) brass, and C) a brass animal--so the only thing that could have made it more appealing to me is if it was D) a planter--refer to last post about planter obsession. Can't wait to get it's little head stuck on everything I pass (a problem I'm willing to deal with).  I ordered a custom size, too, and the owners couldn't have been nicer or quicker in their reply to my request.  I think that kind of customer service and general awesomeness should be rewarded in this day and age, don't you?  Anywho, at the price point of $80 for the ring, I thought it is a great potential addition to your gift list, no?

Oh!  and here's a handy ring guide that you can print out from home to determine ring size.  Pretty cool, huh?

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