Friday, November 18, 2011

100th Blog Post Giveaway!!!

With my intermittent-at-best posting schedule, somehow I have managed to post 100 blog entries in the history of Girl-Domestic.  If I was writing a book, I would have half of a novel.  If I was writing a screenplay, I'd be done! I thought some sort of gift or something should be in order for my lovely readers. So here it is:  Up for grabs is the lovely bottle opener pictured below that I found on the amazing Emily Henderson's Holiday Gift Guide.  You might even find Girl-Domestic's picks for "mom" in the guide.  I have found everything I have bought for Christmas so far on this amazing guide.  Be prepared to drool and possibly have a manic spending spree with your hands trembling as you frantically enter your credit card information.

Here's what you have to do to win the cutest bull or elephant (your choice) bottle opener on earth:  Follow my blog by clicking the "join this site" button to your right.  Then leave a note in the comment section telling me that you have "joined this site".  If you already follow me, say "I already follow you" in the comment. I will randomly pick a winner from a hat and I will post the winner on Monday.  Does that sound like a fair bribe?  Ooh!  I love doing giveaways!  I'm going to do more--it is so.  much. fun.  Oh!  And here is a picture of the bottle opener...Good Luck!


  1. I follow you! I also have lots of bottles to open :)

  2. I already follow your blog. But, I'm from Brazil. Can I participate? :)

  3. Hey, i want that, opener in my face now! i just 'joined this site'.

  4. wait, why did i come up 'unknown'. Weird. Hi. I'm emily henderson and i'd like to win this opener.
    thank you very much and happy turkey day.